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As a member of Compass and The Fortino Group, I am a highly motivated and accomplished business professional with over TEN years of progressive experience in sales. With my excellent interpersonal skills, I am proficient in fostering and fortifying partnerships with new clients as well as past clients. You can count on me to exceed your expectations.

I graduated with my MBA from Notre Dame De Namur and my extensive background in sales has engrained in me to always put my clients first and to always be efficient in helping them reach their long term and short term goals. I am committed to delivering results that meet and exceed my clients' expectations and always go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

With my experience, I have learned the importance of negotiating the best price for my clients' properties and providing unparalleled service in selling their homes. My client-centric approach ensures that their needs and goals are always prioritized, and I work tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcome.

In summary, as a highly driven and professional individual, I am committed to delivering exceptional service and results to my clients. You can trust me to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best possible outcome for your real estate needs.

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Don't let mortgage rates stop you from buying today

If you're considering buying a home but mortgage rates have you worried, consider the historical data.

During the 1970s, interest rates hovered around 10%, and in the early 1980s, they even reached 18%. Surprisingly, buyers who purchased homes during these peak-rate periods and later refinanced when rates dropped discovered that the appreciation in their home's value had exceeded the extra amount they spent on temporarily higher mortgage payments.

On the other hand, potential home buyers who waited for rates to decrease faced the greatest disadvantage, as home prices rose while they delayed their decision.

Let's talk about your options and see what makes sense for you. Give me a call and let's start the conversation.

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HERE IS HOW LAURA CAN ASSIST YOUOffering Free Services To Assist Your Purchase or Sale

With access to up-to-date market statistics and an analysis of recent sales in your area, along with an assessment of the property's condition and the desirability of the neighborhood, Laura can provide you with an accurate estimate of the potential listing price for your home.

If you choose to sell, rest assured that Laura will provide exceptional support throughout the process. Her prompt responsiveness and effective communication ensure that your needs are met swiftly.

Additionally, her expertise in marketing listings at a global level guarantees maximum exposure for your property. With Laura's unparalleled attention to detail and dedicated service, selling your home becomes an efficient, effortless, and successful endeavor.